Patient Testimonials

“She is painless, extremely patient, and very skilled. She has a lot of experience and very professional.” – Lou M (Angie’s List)

“My family has been going to Natalie Hogue for over 30 years. She is a competent dentist, has a great staff and overall does a superb job. My daughter Is 32 years old and Dr. Hogue is the only dentist she’s ever gone to. Excellent with children.”- Michael R. (Angie’s List)

“Dr. Hogue, office and staff almost make going to a dentist a pleasure. They make you feel like family.” – Gordon E. (Angie’s List)
“ I was very pleased with the staff and Natalie. Everyone was friendly and called me by name. She took the time to listen to my concerns and answer all my questions. Never tried to sell me anything or push any unwanted procedures. I only had a digital x-ray and basic exam, but would be very comfortable having work done by her. I will be recommending her to friends.” – John A. (Angie’s List)

“I had a chance to chat a few minutes with Dr. Hogue and her staff. You feel that they truly care about you as a person. I have been going to Dr. Hogue for over 20 years. Dr. Hogue is professional and patient, skilled and gentle, dedicated and cheerful. Her staff is always helpful and very responsive. The people who clean your teeth do a very good job with a minimum of discomfort.” – Lawrence B (Angie’s List)

“Excellent. Personable, professional and takes time with patients.” Amy L (Angie’s List)

“Very well. Had almost no wait, had a thorough and gentle cleaning, my mouth felt wonderful. Dr. Hogue met with me about a sensitive tooth and explained everything.” Barbara K. (Angie’s List)

“Dr. Hogue’s staff is very professional and the office is well run. Dr. Hogue is personable and takes a lot of lime with her patients. She is the best dentist I’ve ever been to and she is very approachable. She stays up to date with methodology and technology.” Erin K. (Angie’s List)

“Dr. Hogue is an excellent dentist. She is the best. She is truthful, she is honest and she is always prepared. She has a great staff. The office is clean.” Peter K. (Angie’s List)

“My daughter was a little nervous but from start to finish everyone in the office made her feel very comfortable. During the cleaning my daughter asked questions and loved it. … she had such a good time. She keeps asking me when is the next appt. Everyone is very gentle and kind in the office and Dr. Hogue Is the best dentist my husband and I have ever had.” Regina W. (Angie’s List)

“From the day many years ago that I started coming to Dr. Hogue, I was made to feel like I was part of a family. Dr. Hogue takes care of her family of patients with warmth and skill. I love her and her staff.” – Deborah D. (Angie’s List)

“Dr. Hogue & staff are always friendly & efficient.” – Susanna H. (Angie’s List)

“She is excellent. She explains everything what is going on. Her practice has different specialties. She looks at my teeth, but there are hygienists to clean my teeth. I can really tell the difference when they clean my teeth. Her office is very flexible on payment plans. She and her staff are extremely nice as well. I do not have problems scheduling appointments. Her office environment is excellent. They offer me tea, coffee; etc. My entire family goes there. They inquire after my family when I go there. Sometimes, when I fall short of money, they will let me pay later. I do not know anyone, who does that. They trust me.” – Jorge Q. (Angie’s List)

“Dr. Hogue Is the first dentist I actually look forward to visiting. She’s professional, friendly, straight forward and explains everything clearly. Best of all, she never makes me feel guilty if I haven’t flossed! Dr. Hogue has performed several fillings and other procedures that required anesthesia. She was gentle with the shots and the entire event was a relatively painless experience. Her staff always greets me and remembers my name. The hygienists are gentle and thorough. I look forward to getting my teeth cleaned now. I love leaving with that squeaky-clean feeling! I recommend Dr. Hogue to anyone, but you will really appreciate her if you’ve ever had a bad experience with a dentist. She’s wonderful! “– Margo C. (Angie’s List)

“Wonderful attentive dentist and staff that is always welcoming. They never push unnecessary procedures and services are affordable. Recommended her office to all of my friends and now they all like her so much they drive about an hour out of their way just to go to her. Teeth cleaning services have been painless. Clean pretty office. Also good for children.” – Wendy E (Yelp)

“After finding myself living In Pasadena … A referral from my parents’ dentist … led me to Dr. Natalie Hogue. A handful of appointments later … I am one happy lady. … Staff – all female, and all great, excellent at Novocain shots; … Office – brand new equipment and nicely decorated. Chairslde manner –outstanding … she talked about dentistry like a normal person, and understood the need to balance funds vs. urgent dental needs. … I have recommended two of my friends to go to her, and I would recommend anyone who lives in the area. All of her work in my mouth looks great (you can’t tell it’s there unless I point it out), her referral to an oral surgeon was a great one, and I’m so happy with my smile. … Public service announcement concluded.” – Kelly H. (Yelp)