natalie hogue dds dental crown

  • TMJ means temporomandibular joint. That is the joint where your jaw is connected to your skull. Stress, muscle tightness or trauma can cause pain in the area in front of your ear.
  • One of the first things you should do to alleviate pain in this area is stop chewing gum!
  • A softer diet with smaller bites will give it time to heal. Don’t open wide when biting and cut food into small pieces.
  • Alternate warm and cold compresses on the tender area. Use ice for sharp pain. Low doses of an anti inflammatory pain reliever such as Advil taken every 6 hours for three or four days will help.
  • Using a splint, or bruxism guard will hold the teeth apart, and force the surrounding muscles to relax, reducing the pain. There are over the counter makes available, but custom guards provide the most comfortable protection.
  • Always feel free to ask questions and know we are here to help!